Basel International Print Residency was held at the Druckwerk print studio in the Warteck old brewery in Basel, Switzerland for two weeks in July/August 2015. Organised by Megan Adie for the fourth year in a row, 14 printmakers gathered from USA, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark and worked intensely using the printing presses and techniques available. The first day was an introduction with a performance interaction in the gallery was used to determine the theme of the residency which we arrived at through group descison to be UNBEMERKT (unnoticed).

We had 8 days available to print, workshop open 24/7, late nights, heatwave temperature, cool floats down the River Rhine, fresh cherries, long days, discovering printing again and lots of discussions. Half way through we took ideas and preliminary work into the gallery to discuss the hanging of the show and then back to printing. On day nine we hung the show and the opening coincided with Swiss national day and a huge firework display. The exhibition was held in Kaskandenkondensator Gallery in the same building.

Mimi Von Moos documented the residency in a videowork that was presented in the exhibition.

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