Bolwick Arts 3 - Twelve Reasons to Drink Champagne 2005

During a three week long residency at Bolwick Hall, Norfolk: Gair Dunlop, Claire Morgan, Tomoko Takahashi and I were selected to respond site specifically to the Humphrey Repton designed grounds of the hall. By digging in the rubbish dump that was in use up until the advent of rubbish collection in the 1970s I unearthed history of the hall by discovering 12 champagne bottles and work evolved from that starting point. Following research into diary writings and conversations with the former hall owner, I created twelve signs that each had a specific reference to an area of the grounds reflecting a reason to celebrate. Twelve concrete casts of the bottles were placed in the ground in memory to the champagne drinkers.

An exhibition of the residency took place in June 2005 at Bolwick Hall, curated by Caroline Fisher and Amanda Geitner.