Am taking part in Edition/Basel 2021 (session 2) working from my studio and Bergens Tekniske Museum, with others from Sweden, New Zealand and Canada joining the group working at Druckwerk print studio in Basel 28 July til 9th August.

With daily communication via Whats App and Zoom, during this intense week, the group has produced experimental print works with the theme of ÜBERGANG (Transition) which will be shown in a physical exhibition at Basler PaperMühle, Basel. Opening 7th August, exhibition 8th and 9th August.

Thinking about the crossover from letters to words I have created a preformative piece using the amount of lower case letters one would get in when buying a set of 11 dozen wooden letters in one font.

Knowing that there were 4 As in a set, the printer would be able to chose their words accordingly when using that font. Letterpress printing creates a way of working with words, a way of limited writing, and this performative video work presented in Basel is a series of 12 short videos of automatic writing.