Print studio hidden in the Swedish forest.

Invitated by Lina Nordenström and Lars Nyberg to use their print studio in the village of Uttersberg I spent three weeks letterpress printing a variety of projects including two books - A history of Swimming and Bergen to Basel by bike, boat and train.

During the residency the annual GG October Seminar took place in which eight book artists from Norway, Finland and Sweden were invited to show work, make work and do a presentation.

The seminar was titled The Book as a Contemporary Art Form in the Nordic Region

for the Bergen to Basel book.
Letterpress Printing: for the Bergen to Basel book.

Printing on the proofing press.
Studio View: Printing on the proofing press.

in progress
Bergen to Basel : in progress

Bergen to Basel: finished.

workshop and accommodation.
Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet: workshop and accommodation.