Visual Arts in Rural Communities (VARC) - Raffle Tickets and Midges - Northumberland

As artist in residence for Visual Arts in Rural Communities I spent a year (Oct 2007 to Oct 2008) living and working in Tarset, rural Northumberland. During this year I produced work for a final exhibition and also engaged the community in artistic activites.

The body of work titled Raffle Tickets and Midges was a collection of artist's books, artefacts, prints and photographs that documented everyday life in Tarset. Two specially made cabinets were made to house the exhibition in a scaled down version; one was designed to travel in the mobile library and be taken out on loan, and the other slightly larger was toured by bike out of the valley to various locations before arriving at Northern Print Studios in Newcastle.

Raffle Tickets and Midges Catalogue
This catalogue was printed to accompany the exhibition and reads like a diary of the year as VARC artist in residence.
Download VARC Residency Catalogue (3.6mb)

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a screen printed book and print of place-names and language from the Tarset area, highlighting Highgreen, raffle tickets and midges with images. an event in the village hall, celebrating the culture of Norway with a traditional dinner for 80, fiddle musicians, workshops and exhibitions. Two books document the day: Norway Knits and Norway Day - a cabinet of curiosities. an interaction with the public during Falstone Agriculture Show exchanging coloured badges for peoples perceptions of colour. The badges were made from locally produced artists pastels. a fold out map of all paths and roads walked and cycled during the year at Highgreen. Scaled down OS map format. Edition of 16. A series of Polaroid images taken of three trees on a triangular walk taken every two weeks over the year. 16 x 16 Observations is a box of mini books looking at 16 different happenings and events over the year. This one documents a night with a very full moon. A postcard log book sent to the funders of VARC. a book shelf collection of the editioned books produced for the Raffle Tickets and Midges exhibition and placed on the local mobile library and taken out on loan by users. A larger boxed version contains work from the whole year, and was designed to be transported by bike out of the valley visiting various schools and arts venues before being exhibited at Northern Print, Newcastle.