The Talls Ships Race 2011 finished in the harbour of Halmstad, West Sweden after 5 and a half days at sea. Leaving Stavanger we were becalmed and went round and round in circles of a few days. It is very confusing to leave your watch sailing south (the direction that we wanted to go in) sleep and then wake for the next watch only to be pointing north! On our trip from Lerwick to Stavanger we sailed in one straight line at course 110°! This was a new experience for me that you can't just go in the direction you want under sail! With no wind and northerly currents we were pushed backwards! Like normal the Swan was at the back of the pack, but we didnt mind, we have a very comfy solid boat!

This part of the residency has come to an end, it has been a really big adventure, have shared the Swan with 46 other sailors, small things have happened along the way, funny incidents, broken eggs, lost buiscuit box lids, captains dinners, crew parades, painted faces, garden gnomes, dodging cargo ships in the dark, hunting for waffles etc. Incidences that are hard to retell or capture. But I am going to try!

After 4 days off the boat the world has just stopped rocking!

Now with a quick turnaround in Bergen I set off for North Uist and Shetland for the next month, to get the essence of the adventure down on paper. Time to reflect and start making! Time to concentrate.