I have been at sea since the 1st July with lots of stop overs at ports and harbours along the way, on board the Swan, a Shetland herring drifter from 1900, as artist in residence during the Tall Ships Race.

It has been an non stop adventure of sailing in calm seas and rough ones, and of festivals at each port. Living on a small boat with 15 others of which 8 are teenagers, being on watch at unearthly times of night, sleeping and cooking and just getting into the rhythm of the sailing experience takes time and leaves little time to get anything else done. The call of "All Hands on Deck", "Breakfast", "Dolphins", "Watch Change" interrupts any concentration of getting something down on paper, but photos have been taken and other things are happening along the way.

I have thrown 26 wooden postcards in the sea during our trip from Waterford and today I got an email that someone has found one on the beach in Ardrossan, Ayrshire. Each postcard is stamped with the coordinates and date of the position of the place it is thrown in the sea. If you find any of these postcards please can you return them to the address on the back of the card. The will then become part of the planned exhibition to take place sometime after the sailing leg of this journey.

At each port dressed in a polka dot blue dress, I collect drawings of boats and stories of being at sea, so far I have over three hundred, but am being hampered by wind and rain here in Lerwick were we are currently in harbour.

Next leg is to race to Stavanger, Norway with the rest of the boats leaving on Sunday 24th July in the Parade of Sail - a spectacular display of sailing ships from all over the world large and small!

Lets hope the wind blows us in the right direction!