B-Open is a biannual open studio event in Bergen on 13th and 14th Sept from 12-4pm.

We are opening our studios at Bergen Ateliergruppe, home to 16 artists in a large concrete industrial building in the middle of the container harbour, which is not normally open to the public.

I am showing a work in progress installation of objects and small scale art works, including some of the last stock of my typewriter jewellery. imi's mini art mart has works for sale that you can pluck straight from the installation and take with you. (no cash machines in this area).

To get access to the container harbour you must bring photo ID with you (passport, driver's licence or Bank card with photo). Entrance to the container harbour is via the manned gates by the round-a-bout on O.J.Brochs gate. SeeB-Open website for more info.

Bergen Ateliergruppe is also hosting the children's workshop this year so bring all the family - for more info click here.

Looking forward to seeing you on saturday (sorry i am not around on sunday but the installation is!)