30x30 is the latest exhibition organised by Sue Maufe and Caroline Denyer and this time involves 30 artists each with three 30x30cm works exhibited at the Lower Gallery at Diss Corn Hall, Norfolk Saturday 2nd July til 7th August.


Jane Espig, Belynda Sharples, Gayle Evans, Clare Beaton, Geoffrey Lefever, Jane Ironside, Jane Robins, Imi Maufe, Sue Maufe, Hana Maufe, Gillian Mackinnon, Corinne Campbell, David Davis, Rod Bugg, Fran Bugg, Mary Mellor, Kate Farley, Polly Binns, Phil Barrett, Emily Lucas, Naomi Clements, Eleanor Wood, Gordon Senior, Caroline Denyer, Madeleine Denyer, Sarah Cannell, Nigel Orme, Maddy Pikarsky, Nicky Stainton, Will Teather